Bindu Dooars Travel Guide- Is This a Perfect Picnic Spot?

Bindu, a small village in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal, is a hidden gem with beautiful natural sites. It’s a perfect picnic spot where you can experience the true beauty of valleys, streams, and nature. The village, located on the border of India and Bhutan, offers breathtaking landscapes with dense forests, steep hills, and various nature spots.

What makes Bindu special is the meeting point of three streams – Bindu Khola, Jaldhaka, and Dudh Pokhri. This adds to the serene atmosphere of the place. The village is surrounded by greenery and stunning scenery, making it a welcoming and delightful destination for nature lovers.

What are the Attractions of Bindu

Firstly, Bindu boasts lush green forests, stunning hills, and sparkling rivers that draw in a large number of tourists. Additionally, the presence of a hydropower project and cardamom plantations adds to the beauty of this destination. Not to mention, the village is known for its abundant orange gardens, which are a must-see feature of Bindu.

When you visit this village, you’ll be surrounded by the soothing sounds of streams on one side and the cheerful chirping of birds on the other. Don’t forget to check out the Jaldhaka Hydel Project in the village, but keep in mind that you need permission from state authorities before exploring it.

Best Time to Visit Bindu and also Have Picnic

Bindu Picnic Spot

This village is situated at an elevation of 2000 ft. and is surrounded by Bhutan hills on one side and the Jaldhaka Dam on the other. The best time to experience the true essence of Bindu is between October and March when the weather is cooler compared to the rest of the year.

It’s advisable to avoid visiting Bindu during the monsoon season. Being at higher altitudes, landslides are a common issue during the rainy season. Due to these landslides, it’s not safe to explore the sightseeing spots near Bindu village. The village experiences cold winters and mild summers, adding to its unique climate characteristics.

Accommodation Options in Bindu Dooars

When you arrive in Bindu Village, West Bengal, finding a hotel within your budget is quite easy. There are numerous hotels offering single and double rooms suitable for families. If you prefer a more luxurious experience, you can opt for 3-star or 5-star hotels with a royal ambiance.

Additionally, Bindu Village has charming resorts where you can book a room. These resorts provide a fantastic atmosphere with a touch of nature and offer air-conditioned rooms along with delicious food.

For those on a tighter budget, there are affordable hotel options available. To get more information about the hotels, you can inquire with the locals or seek assistance from tour guides. Before finalizing your hotel booking, it’s a good idea to check customer reviews to ensure a satisfactory stay.

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Transportation Options to Reach Bindu Dooars

Getting to Bindu, despite being an offbeat destination, is quite easy. Here are some transportation options you can choose from:

By Train: Trains from cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai go to New Jalpaiguri railway station (NJP). You can also get down at New Mal Junction. These are the nearest railway stations to Bindu. From there, you can easily find a taxi to take you to Bindu village.

By Air: For a hassle-free trip, book a flight from your city to Bagdogra airport. From the airport, you can reach Bindu village by taxi or cab in about 2 and a half hours.

By Road: Siliguri is the perfect starting point to reach Bindu. Take an auto from New Jalpaiguri to Siliguri. From Siliguri, you can find various transportation options such as private buses, minibuses, Bhutan government buses, ATC buses, and NBSTC buses to reach Bindu. The distance between Siliguri and Bindu is approximately 103 km. There are shared taxis available from New Jalpaiguri to reach Bindu. If you plan to hire a private taxi, inquire about the fares before deciding to go with them.

Sightseeing Places in and around Bindu

Bindu in West Bengal is like a hidden treasure for travel enthusiasts. Let’s explore some must-visit places near this village:

Bindu Dam: This dam on the River Jaldhaka is the heart of Bindu village, providing water to the Jaldhaka Hydel Project.

Godak Village: Just 15 km away, this village is home to Debi Sthan, a sacred place where people worship the river flowing from the rocks.

Gairibas Diascorrea Plantation: Tourists come here to see a variety of medicinal plants in abundance.

Birdies Nest: This spot attracts different bird species all year round, including the little forktail, Eurasian wryneck, and more.

Todey and Tangata Villages: Experience the delightful aroma of cardamom and orange plantations in these villages, where the Taming community resides in large numbers.

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