These Are the Places near Siliguri for One Day Trip

Siliguri in West Bengal is one of the biggest cities. If you are from Siliguri, you will be glad to know there are plethora of tourist places near Siliguri including Kurseong, Rohini, Toribari Monastery, Mirik, Gajoldoba, Sevoke, Bengal Safari, etc.

Places near Siliguri for One Day Trip

Some of the most popular places near Siliguri for one day tour are-


Kurseong is hands down the best place to visit near Siliguri for your one day trip. This hill station is just about 35 kilometers driving distance away from the main town of Siliguri. Located high up at 1,458 meters above the sea. The name ‘Kurseong’ means ‘the place of the white orchid.’ It’s called this because there are lots of beautiful white orchids that grow all over its hills.


Gajoldoba Viewpoint

Gajoldoba is about 35 kilometers to the east of Siliguri, close to the Teesta Barrage. It’s a great spot for bird watchers. They built a dam on the Teesta River here for farming, which attracted lots of migratory birds. The area is surrounded by dense forests called Baikunthapur, which brings birds from places like Ladakh and Central Asia. You can see many types of birds here, including the rare Brahmini duck, poachards, bar-headed geese, shovlers, pintails, mallards, storks, black ibis, cormorants, and ducks. The newly constructed Gajoldoba Suspension Bridge is one of the major attractions here.

Toribari Monastery

The Ewam Buddhist Monastery also known as Toribari Moanstery is found 11 kilometers from Siliguri. It practices the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, which is one of the oldest. Many Buddhists visit this monastery as a pilgrimage site, but it also attracts people who want peace and quiet away from the city. The monastery’s peaceful atmosphere provides a perfect escape from the noise and chaos of the city, making it a great place to get away to.

Sevoke Coronation Bridge

The Coronation Bridge is in the lovely city of Siliguri. It’s about 20 kilometers away from the city and provides a stunning view of the green landscape. The beautiful bridge is surrounded by lush green forests. The flowing Teesta River beneath adds to the beauty of this British-built architectural marvel.

Bengal Safari Park

Bengal Safari Park Siliguri

Just 8 kilometers from Siliguri, there’s a place called Bengal Safari Park that you really should check out. You can go on a jungle safari there and see all kinds of wild animals like deer, tigers, bears, rhinos, peacocks, and more. It’s a fantastic adventure for people who love wildlife!


Rohini is a charming village situated only 23 kilometers away from Siliguri’s city center, on the way to Kurseong. It’s a small village, but it’s surrounded by big hills, lush tea gardens, and stunning views of the hills.


Mirik, located approximately 45 kilometers from Siliguri, has become a popular tourist spot due to its pleasant weather, scenic beauty, and easy access. The main attraction is Sumendu Lake, surrounded by a garden on one side and pine trees on the other. This lake is connected by a footbridge called Indreni Pull (Rainbow Bridge). A 3.5-kilometer-long road encircles the lake, offering scenic walks with a view of Kangchenjunga in the distance. Visitors can also enjoy boating on traditional shikaras and pony rides here.

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