Samsing Picnic Spot

Samsing, located in the Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal, is an awe-inspiring home surrounded by lush vegetation, hilly terrains, and numerous tea gardens. At an elevation of 3000 feet, the peaceful environment, picturesque landscape, and orange orchards of Samsing have entranced numerous travelers.

What Makes Samsing a Perfect Picnic Spot? 

Samsing is conveniently located at a distance of just 82 km from Siliguri and 20 km from Lataguri, making it an easily accessible and fantastic spot for picnicking. It is located adjacent to the renowned Neora Valley National Park and boasts numerous picturesque locations, including the popular Lali Guras.

Lali Guras is a favored picnic spot due to its ideal location alongside the shimmering Murti River, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery guaranteed to leave visitors astounded.

There are several other picnic spots in close proximity to Samsing, such as Suntalekhola and Rocky Island, which are just a few kilometers away. Suntalekhola is only 4 km away, while Rocky Island is located just 3 km away from Samsing.

Attractions and Activities

Samsing is a hidden Jewel far from the clutch of urbanization. The tour experience you will gain here is really indescribable in words. There are vast tea gardens, scenic spots, cascading rivers, forest and many other attractive things. 

Just after the Khasmahal Village, you will get to see the glittering river murti flowing from the mountain to the plain. 

Being adjacent to Neora Valley National Park, you will also get to see the several wild species in the jungle of Samsing. You can spend some time while having a picnic in Lali Guras picnic spot of Samsing. 

You can have an adventurous trek to Neoara Valley National Park or to other trekking trails like Tree Fern Point, Nouchaki, etc. While trekking you will witness a breathtaking view of the Himalaya. 

Accommodation Options 

Being a thriving tourism hub and a favoured picnic spot, there is no problem with accommodation in Samsing. There are many resorts homestays or hotels are available to stay. Those who prefer government accommodation can look for Samsing Forest Rest House run by Government of West Bengal (WBDC). 

How To Reach Samsing Picnic Spot 

Reaching Saminsing is not that hard as you thought. Anyone can hire a taxi from Siliguri to reach there. Being about 85 km away from Siliguri, the journey will not demand more than 3 hours. Moreover, you can board a train for Chalsa as it is the nearest railway station. Bagdogra is the nearest airport at a distance of 96km. Anyone can board a plane for Bagdogra from any cities of West Bengal. 

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