Siliguri Tourism – Detailed Travel Information

Situated amidst the foothills of the Eastern Himalaya, Siliguri is a stunning city in the Indian state of West Bengal that boasts of a thriving tourism industry. This city is blessed with many natural scenic beauties, including a mesmerizing view of the snow-covered mountains and an array of flora and fauna, which have attracted numerous travelers over the years.

Nestled on the banks of the Mahananda River, Siliguri is famous for its tea plantations, timber, and tourism. The diverse culture and people of Siliguri never fail to amaze tourists who are visiting for the first time.

Being the gateway to Northeast India, Siliguri is a major business hub, and it is also the second-largest city in terms of population. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of Siliguri and its tourism industry, it is essential to explore all the details related to this captivating city.

Siliguri Tourism Sightseeing Places 

As Siliguri because of its tourism is a popular tourist destination in North Bengal, there are plenty of places you can visit and see here. But, some of the most visited tourist places are: 

1. Iskcon Temple 

If you are planning to visit Siliguri, then Iskcon Temple is a must-visit tourist spot. It has gained popularity among tourists due to its exceptional architectural style and stunning views of the surrounding areas. The temple has attracted thousands of visitors who wish to enjoy its serene and peaceful environment.

The gardens around the temple are full of vibrant, blooming flowers, while the nearby lake is home to diverse fish species. Various idols of Lord Krishna, along with colourful paintings of his avatars on the ceiling of the temple, are some of the major attractions in this location.

When you visit Iskcon Temple, you can immerse yourself in the devotional atmosphere and feel Lord Krishna’s presence everywhere. People chant “Hare Krishna” to connect spiritually with Lord Krishna during their visit to this temple.

2. Salugara Monastery 

If you’re looking for sightseeing spots in Siliguri, you must include Salugara Monastery on your list. The monastery was built by Tibetan Buddhist monks who are dedicated followers of the Dalai Lama. Travellers are attracted to Salugara Monastery because of its 100-foot stupa, built by Kalu Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama.

The monastery, also known as The Great International Tashi Gomang Stupa, is located approximately 9 km away from Siliguri. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the Salugara Monastery from Siliguri. Many tourists visit this colourful monastery to view the five kinds of Buddhist relics present here. So, if you wish to explore the wonders of Buddhism, then a visit to Salugara Monastery is a must.

3. The Science City 

If you are interested in science and technology, then you should definitely check out The Science City. Established in 1997, it is the only Science Centre in North Bengal. Situated just 3 km away from the main town of Siliguri, The North Bengal Science City is famous for its Digital Planetarium, several science shows, and its magnificent park, filled with a variety of flora.

One of the notable attractions in the park is the colossal statue of a T-Rex. This feature makes The Science City one of the best locations to visit in Siliguri. Science students and enthusiasts from all over North Bengal visit this place to witness the marvels of science and learn more about it.

4. Savin Kingdom 

Are you looking to spend some leisure time in Siliguri? Look no further than Savin Kingdom, located in Dagapur, just 5 km away from the main town.

Savin Kingdom is a water park that offers plenty of activities, including pool slides, artificial waves, rain dance, and sky train to keep you entertained. Additionally, there is a restaurant available, and a dedicated kids’ corner that makes it an ideal location to visit with your family. Make sure to include Savin Kingdom on your list of places to see in Siliguri.

5. Bengal Safari Park 

If you’re looking for a memorable trip in Siliguri, then Bengal Safari Park should be on top of your list. Located just 8 km away from Siliguri, it is one of the must-visit places in the city. Take a jungle safari here to see a variety of wild animals, including sambar deer, Royal Bengal Tiger, wild bears, rhinoceros, peacocks, and many others. Explore the wildlife and make your visit to Siliguri an unforgettable one.

6. Coronation Bridge 

If you want to experience a captivating blend of nature and architecture, then you must visit Coronation Bridge, also known as the Sevoke Bridge. Located just 20 km away from Siliguri, this scenic bridge is nestled amidst lush green forests.

The bridge offers stunning views of the Teesta River flowing beneath it, enhancing the beauty of this British architectural marvel. Coronation Bridge should be on your list of places to see in Siliguri, as it is an excellent spot for photography and a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

7. Sevoke Kali Mandir 

If you’re planning to visit the Coronation Bridge, then you must check out the stunning temple of Goddess Kali located nearby. Although the temple has plenty of stairs to climb, it’s worth the climb, as you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the surroundings, including the shimmering River Teesta flowing in its own rhythm. This temple is an ideal spot to take in the natural beauty of the area, so make sure to add it to your list of places to visit in Siliguri.

8. Suryasen Park 

Suryasen Park is a perfect spot for spending some peaceful time with your loved ones in Siliguri. Located at Mahakal Pally in the city, one can enjoy a train ride, boating, or simply sit on the benches for hours while accompanied by their family and friends. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of Suryasen Park. This park is an excellent choice for visitors looking to relax and take in the natural beauty of Siliguri.

9. Baghajatin Park 

If you’re looking for a fun and lively location to hang out with family and friends in Siliguri, then Baghajatin Park, also known as BJP, is an ideal choice. It is a popular spot for both playing and socializing.

The park has several food stalls outside, making it a perfect spot to grab a quick snack with your loved ones. In the evening, many youngsters come here to eat and chat with family and friends and enjoy the fun-filled atmosphere. Baghajatin Park is a versatile location in Siliguri, as it offers both entertainment and relaxation.

10. Dudhia 

If you’re looking for a captivating picnic spot near Siliguri, then Dudhia should be on your list. Located just 25 km away from Siliguri, Dudhia is an ideal location for picnicking amidst lush greenery and a beautiful river.

The riverbank of Dudhia is perfect for nature enthusiasts who love to camp. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and take in the natural beauty of the area while you relax and unwind. Dudhia is a popular choice for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. So, if you’re planning a picnic with family or friends, Dudhia is the perfect location.

How to Reach Siliguri 

Reaching Siliguri is not a hard task as it is a popular tourist destination in North Bengal. The transportation system is quite nice. You can reach here by roads, by rail or even by air. 

By Air 

If you’re planning a trip to Siliguri, then Bagdogra airport is the nearest airport to the city. It is just 10 km away from Siliguri and takes approximately 20 minutes to reach. Bagdogra airport is one of the major airports in North Bengal and is well-connected to various other major cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, and more.

After landing at Bagdogra, you can either hire a taxi or car from the parking zone outside of the airport or take a bus. There are plenty of daily buses available that run from Bagdogra to Siliguri. So, reaching Siliguri from the airport is easy and hassle-free.

By Road 

Siliguri is easily accessible by road, with many buses and shared taxis available from various parts of West Bengal. If you’re travelling from Kolkata, you can opt for buses from NBSTC (North Bengal State Transport Corporation) or take public transportation. Additionally, you can also hire a car for a comfortable and convenient journey to Siliguri.

However, it’s important to note that travelling from Kolkata to Siliguri by road takes over 13 hours, due to the distance of approximately 600 km between the two cities. Despite the long journey, travelling by road to Siliguri is a great option to explore the natural beauty of the area and provides a unique travelling experience.

By Train 

Siliguri has its own railway station named Siliguri Junction. However, the major railway station near Siliguri is the New Jalpaiguri Junction. 

NJP is nicely connected with many other railway stations of major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, etc. 

After reaching New Jalpaiguri Junction, you just have to take a car, auto or taxi to reach Siliguri. Many shared autos are available at the auto stand outside the station. 

It will take less than 30 minutes to reach Siliguri from NJP as the distance between them is just 10 km. 

Things & Activities to Do in Siliguri 

Being one of the most visited tourist destinations for its growing tourism in the entire North Bengal, you have plenty of things and activities to do in Siliguri. However, some of the exciting things to do in Siliguri are: 

Go for Swimming:

Swimming is one of the popular things to do in Siliguri. There are plenty of clubs and swimming pools available in Siliguri where you can enjoy the Swimming activity. Some of the notable swimming pools and clubs are Siliguri Club, Cinderella Club, Viramma Club, Stadium Swimming Pool, etc. 

Jungle Safari:

Jungle Safari is also one of the best things to do in Siliguri. Visit Bengal Safari Park to spot many wild animals such as sambar deer, Royal Bengal of tiger, jungle fowl, wild boars, rhinoceros, spotted deer, etc. 

Enjoy the Tranquillity of Tea Gardens: 

Siliguri is full of scenic tea gardens. Walkthrough these tea gardens and enjoy the serene ambience of nature. 


Create memories in photographic form while capturing photos of many magnificent temples and places of Siliguri. Capture the mountain peaks and temples like Iskcon Mandir to cherish the beauty of them forever. 

Visit Various Religious Places: 

Siliguri is full of temples, masjids and monasteries. So, visiting religious places are going to be one of the best things to Do in Siliguri. Some of the renowned religious places are- Iskcon Temple, Salugara Monastery, Ashraful Masjid, etc. 

Best Time to Visit Siliguri Tourism 

The best time for you to visit Siliguri would be from the months of October to December if you would like to experience pleasant winter weather. Alternatively, you can also plan your visit between February to March to enjoy the weather which is neither too hot nor too cold.

Malls That Increase Tourism in Siliguri 

Being one of the most populated and bustling cities of West Bengal, there are plenty of malls here in Siliguri. Some of the popular malls are- 

  • Vega Circle Mall: Siliguri Vega Circle Mall is located beside the Sevoke Road and near Check Post. This luxurious mall offers Inox movie theatre, international hotels and restaurants. 
  • Cosmos Mall: Opened in the year of 2008, Cosmos Mall is also Situated beside the Sevoke Road & in the opposite of WBSEDCL office. It is one of the major shopping destinations in the entire Siliguri. 
  • City Centre: A perfect place for family outing and Shopping, Siliguri city centre is the must-visit destination for shopping, eating, gaming, movies, etc. 

Siliguri Tourism: Street Markets 

Siliguri has a bunch of streets markets and Bazar that increase tourism in Siliguri. Most of them stay crowdy all the time. Some of the popular Street Markets are- 

  • Bidhan Market: Bidhan Market is one of the oldest markets in Siliguri. It is near Kanchenjunga Stadium. The market stays always crowded. As a result, you have to wander through its busy lanes while keeping your eyes at various items being sold here. 
  • Hongkong Market: A yet another bustling street market in Siliguri where you can find many items and electronics imported from China, Nepal or even from Thailand. 
  • Mahabirsthan Market: One of the popular markets in Siliguri, Mahabirsthan Markets offers a vast collection of clothes, shoes, and other merchandises at an affordable price. 
  • Bhutia Market: A seasonal market near Kanchenjunga Stadium, Bhutia Market offers a huge collection of winter clothes. You can buy jackets, woollen clothes, sweaters, etc from here. 
  • Seth Srilal Market: Seth Srilal Market is another busiest market in Siliguri. You can shop for clothes, jewellery and many other items at the cheapest price. 

Reasons to Explore Siliguri and Its Tourism 

Siliguri and its tourism with its unique charisma attract lakhs of travellers to visit it. So, here are some of the reasons to visit Siliguri 

  • The Charming weather: The weather of Siliguri is quite pleasing. The temperature doesn’t hit below 0 degrees or even rise above 40 degrees. As a result, the weather of Siliguri makes it a tourism friendly destination. 
  • Wildlife & Forest: Visit the nearby forest of Siliguri to get closer to nature and various wild animals. This is also the reason for the increasing demand of Siliguri tourism. 
  • Religious Places: Feel the presence of God while visiting many sacred sites of Siliguri. 
  • Street foods & Cuisines: Taste some craving tasty street foods such as momo, chow mien, Thukpa, etc. Moreover, Bengali food is also available here. 
  • Countless Sightseeing Places: Explore all the sightseeing places in Siliguri to soothe your mind and spirit. 

As you can see, Siliguri “The Gateway of Northeast India” is thriving rapidly as a major Tourism Hub in West Bengal. 

Be it the charming weather, fascinating tourist spots or delicious foods and cuisines, Siliguri with its ever-growing tourism will not disappoint you. 

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