Siliguri Kanchenjunga Stadium

Situated in Hakimpara, Siliguri, the Kanchenjunga Stadium, also referred to as Kanchanjungha Krirangan, stands as a versatile playing field. West Bengal is renowned for its fervor for sports, and Siliguri, a small town within the state, proudly upholds this tradition. Boasting various sports grounds, including indoor facilities and the esteemed Kanchenjunga Stadium, this vibrant locale caters to the sporting needs of its residents. Since its inception in 1980, Kanchenjunga Stadium has played host to numerous national and local cricket as well as football matches. Therefore, while exploring the charm of Siliguri, it would be a worthwhile choice to immerse yourself in a sport you enjoy within this remarkable stadium.

Kanchenjunga Stadium History and Facts

Constructed in 1980, the illustrious Kanchenjunga Stadium stands as a tribute to the esteemed Indian Olympian Footballer, Gostha Paul. With a seating capacity exceeding 40,000, this iconic venue has proudly welcomed a multitude of significant national and cricket matches over the years.

In 2010, the stadium played host to the inaugural Ranji Trophy clash between India and Punjab, marking the beginning of its legacy as a prestigious cricketing arena. Since then, it has hosted a remarkable total of 11 Ranji Trophy matches, further solidifying its status as a sought-after cricket destination.

Expanding its repertoire beyond cricket, the stadium has also witnessed the thrill of two Celebrity Cricket League matches. Moreover, it has been chosen as the venue for memorable football encounters. In 2012, the stadium showcased the Federation Cup Matches, and in 2015, it served as the battleground for the 2nd Division of I-League Matches.

Adding to its impressive football repertoire, the stadium proudly hosted two Derby Matches of the I-League in 2016, igniting the passion of football enthusiasts and adding to the rich history of this sporting landmark.

Things to Do and See Here

The Kanchenjunga Stadium stands out not only for its sporting events but also offers an array of captivating attractions, including:

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the North Bengal Book Fair, a yearly extravaganza of literature and culture.

Indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of the Siliguri Trade Fair & Hasto Silpo Mela, where a myriad of delights awaits.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of thrilling cricket and football matches featuring your beloved teams.

Experience the thrill of witnessing local sports being passionately played within the stadium’s hallowed grounds.

How to Reach

Situated in the bustling center of Siliguri, the Kanchenjunga Stadium is easily accessible from NJP. Once you arrive at NJP, you can conveniently opt for a taxi, car, or even an auto-rickshaw to reach the stadium’s location.

The journey from NJP to the stadium typically takes around 15 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 5 kilometers. In no time, you’ll find yourself at the vibrant Kanchenjunga Stadium, ready to immerse yourself in its energetic atmosphere.

If you’re arriving by air, after landing at Bagdogra Airport, you’ll find a multitude of autos and cars available, all heading towards Siliguri. From there, you can easily catch a ride to the stadium.

The distance between Bagdogra Airport and the Kanchenjunga Stadium is around 17 kilometers, making the travel time slightly longer, averaging over 25 minutes. However, the journey promises to be an exciting one, filled with anticipation as you make your way to the renowned stadium in Siliguri.

Places to see near Kanchenjunga Stadium

This stadium is not the only place to visit during your trip to Siliguri. You can try to explore these above-listed places.

  • Baghajatin Park, an ideal place to hang out with friends.
  • Surya Sen Park, a park suitable for both children and adults.
  • Iskcon Mandir, a must-visit religious destination if you are seeking the peace of mind.

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