These Are the 5 Best Places to Visit in Lataguri

Lataguri is a small village next to Gorumara National Park in West Bengal. Once quiet, it’s now bustling with tourists who come to explore the forest and wildlife. Located in the Western Dooars region, Lataguri used to be just a stop on a highway, but now it’s a popular tourist spot with many resorts and hotels. Have a look at the popular tourist attractions in and around Lataguri.

These Are the Popular Places to Visit in Lataguri

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park Gate

Gorumara National Park sits by two lovely rivers, Murti and Raidak. It covers about 80 square kilometers at the foot of the Great Himalayan Mountain. The park is full of lush greenery and unique animals. It has grasslands by the rivers and damp forests, which make it beautiful.

This national park is well-known for its Asiatic one-horned rhinos. In 2009, it was declared India’s best-protected area by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. You can get entry passes for the National Park right in Lataguri. To enjoy the beautiful scenery without getting tired from walking, it’s best to hire a tour guide and a jeep.

Lataguri Forest

Lataguri is known for its hill streams, forests, and different species of wildlife. Laataguri is an alluring tourist spot that gives you the taste of lush green vegetation. The thick dense grassland is home to many wild animals and the green carpet of the tea gardens can amaze you. The panoramic views of the hills rising from the river are eye-catching. Lataguri forest is indeed worth visiting.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, named after the Bengali words for ‘abundant fish,’ is a natural marvel near Siliguri. It’s famous for its herds of wild elephants and Indian bison, as well as rare sightings of clouded leopards and Bengal tigers. Chapramari Sanctuary has become a popular destination in the mysterious Dooars region.

Fed by four major rivers – Teesta, Neora, Jaldhaka, and Murti – the sanctuary is rich in lush greenery and diverse wildlife. This creates a cool haven for migratory birds during certain seasons. The sanctuary offers excellent touring and bird-watching facilities, ensuring you can experience nature’s true beauty up close.

Murti River

The beautiful riverside of Murti lies between Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Widlife Sanctuary. It’s renowned for its peaceful ambiance, with a flowing river and serene woods all around. The best time to experience the beauty of this place is during sunset.

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Mahakal Cave at Jayanti

The Jayanti Mahakal Cave is one of the best places to visit near Lataguri. It sits beside the Jayanti River, forming a natural boundary with the stunning Sinchula hills. It’s a top tourist destination in Lataguri, once just a small village. The ancient cave remnants here draw many visitors, as does the 15 km trek from Buxaduar to Jayanti, which cuts through the dense forests of the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Maynaguri Jalpesh Mandir

The Jalpesh Shiva Temple, also called Jalpeshwar Temple, is a well-known Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva. It’s found in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. The temple is located in the small village of Jalpesh, Uttar Bhuskadanga, which gets its name from the temple. The Jalpesh Shiva Temple is a heritage temple of the Koch Kamata Kingdom. The approximate distance between Lataguri and Jalpesh Temple is only 27 kilometers.

Jhalong and Bindu

Within a 50-kilometer radius of Lataguri, Jhalong and Bindu stand out as ideal offbeat destinations. These lesser-known spots, including Jaldhaka, Jhalong, and Bindu, offer a perfect escape for those seeking a unique experience. Just a short 50 km drive from Lataguri leads you to breathtaking hills, valleys, and scenery, making them worth visiting places near Lataguri.

What to Do in Lataguri Forest

Lataguri Forest Safari
Lataguri Forest Safari

To experience the dense forest of Gorumara National Park, you can embark on a Jeep Safari starting from Lataguri. Tickets for the safari can be purchased at a counter in Lataguri. Once the safari begins, a guide will accompany you, sitting beside the driver. Safari timings are usually early morning and afternoon. During the safari, you’ll traverse through lush green forests, with chances to spot elephants, deer, boars, bison, and more.

It’s truly a memorable experience. Additionally, you can opt for an Elephant Safari, which offers a thrilling exploration of the forest. However, this option is available only to guests staying at government accommodations like Gorumara Rhino Camp, Gorumara Eco Village, and Gorumara Elephant Camp, managed by the West Bengal Forest State Department.

Transportation Options to Reach Lataguri

To reach Lataguri, you have several options. If you’re flying, you’ll need to land at Bagdogra Airport, which is about 65 km away. From there, you can easily find rental cars waiting outside. If you prefer traveling by train, Lataguri relies on New Jalpaiguri Junction. This station is well-connected to major railway hubs, allowing for a comfortable train ride to NJP.

Once at NJP, you can rent a car to reach the forest, which takes around 2 hours. Alternatively, you can opt for road travel, with both private and public vehicles readily available. Lataguri is well-connected to nearby cities like Siliguri, Alipurduar, Cooch Behar, Chalsa, and even Kolkata.

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