Mongpong Picnic Spot

If you crave romantic strolls in the midst of exuberant nature and beside slipping rivers, creating special memories every evening, Mongpong is an ideal destination for you. This small place in Darjeeling has become a renowned offbeat spot for nature lovers seeking pleasure in sightseeing, nature walks, bird watching, and much more.

Mongpong boasts of enthralling natural scenery, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and dense forests. It is a place free from pollution and vehicular chaos, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to immerse in nature’s embrace. Mongpong promises to exceed your expectations and fulfill your dreams with countless attractions waiting to be explored.

Best time to visit Mongpong

Mongpong benefits from good weather throughout the year, allowing visitors to choose any month to visit. However, during the rainy season, several tourist spots may remain closed due to landslides.

Although the winters can be cold, nature lovers can still enjoy the beauty of Mongpong during this season. Nonetheless, many tourists prefer to visit during the summer to witness laughing flowers blooming all around the village.

Mongpong’s quaint villages, secluded natural spots, and beautiful landscapes are among its main attractions. Additionally, the sight of the Teesta river, migratory birds, and wildlife sanctuaries make it an absolute must-visit destination.

Apart from these, visitors can also indulge in leisurely walks amidst dense forests, enjoying the tranquil environment with their partner. The serene surroundings and sweet melody of the flowing river make for an extremely calming and relaxing experience.

Tips to follow after reaching Mongpong

Mongpong can be conveniently accessed from Siliguri. However, while hiring a private car or cab, make sure to check the rates and avoid paying exorbitant prices.

Upon reaching the destination, visitors should acquire information regarding accommodation, tour guides, restaurants, and shopping markets. It is advisable to check the personal background of the tour guides before availing of their services.

As Mongpong is a small village, carrying enough cash is imperative to cover various expenses as it lacks banks or ATMs.

To capture the stunning natural scenery of Mongpong, it’s a good idea to purchase a high-quality camera.

While embarking on sightseeing, it’s better to carry some dry snacks and a water bottle as the village does not have any shops selling food items.

Furthermore, carrying a first aid box is recommended while travelling to Mongpong as there are no clinics or hospitals available in case of emergencies.

How to Reach Mongpong

By Train

You can book a train from your city to New Jalpaiguri. There are plenty of trains running on all days of the week from cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai. Another option to reach Mongpong is booking the train from your city to Siliguri. You can choose one from these 2 railway stations.

After reaching these railway stations, you can take a cab which takes about 45 minutes to reach Mongpong.

By Air

If you want to enjoy the trip of Mongpong right from day 1, take a flight from your city to Bagdogra airport. There are many flights from major cities of India to this airport. From Bagdogra airport, you can take a taxi or cab.

By Road

There are ample buses such as Bhutan Govt, North Bengal State Transport Corporation Bus, private buses, minibuses, and taxis to reach from Siliguri to Mongpong.

One more option you can opt for if you are going by road to Mondpong. It is taking the buses which are going to Chalsa, Alipurduar, and Malbazar.

Monpong Tourist Attractions

Mongpong trip will sound more beautiful if you have some useful information regarding its tourist attractions. The sightseeing places in Mongpong are as under:

1. Teesta River

This river starts from North Sikkim and later joins Brahmaputra river. You can enjoy the white water rafting in this river. The pleasant atmosphere around this river will fill your soul with excitement and extravaganza.

2. Kalijhora

Situated at a short distance of 8 km from Mongpong, this is a mind-blowing picnic place to enjoy with friends and family members. You can also get some tasty food serving restaurants in Kalijhora.

3. Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary

You can view a large variety of birds and animals in this sanctuary. There are birds like peafowl, green pigeon and others. It is home to powerful Bengal tigers and various reptiles. Apart from these animals, you can also see Indian bison, Himalayan langur and leopards in Chapramari sanctuary.

4. Odlabari

Odlabari has stunning green tea estates which you should not miss. You can also view the rivers Ghis and Chel in this region.

Besides these tourist attractions, you can enjoy an array of other activities in Monpong. They include bird watching, jungle safaris, trekking and spending pleasant time near the rivers with your family.

The other tourist places near Mongpong include Gorumara and Lataguri wildlife sanctuaries. At a distance of only 7km from Mongpong, there is a place called Pemayangtse. In this region, you can see the ancient monastery and ruins of the old fort. Apart from that, you can spend time near Khecheopalri lake.

Accommodation in Mongpong

To fully immerse themselves in the ambiance of Mongpong, visitors should consider booking the nature resort. This resort is maintained by the forest development authorities and offers guests the chance to enjoy the serene surroundings amidst the dense forests and cool breeze.

The nature resort offers guests the option to book cottages, which come equipped with essential amenities, allowing visitors to enjoy a comfortable stay. Furthermore, the resort offers delicious food to satisfy your taste buds. The cottage rooms are available in two variants – AC and non-AC, letting guests choose as per their comfort and preference.


Mongpong is a splendid offbeat destination that can be best enjoyed between March to May. During these months, visitors can witness the true beauty of Mongpong, with its dense green forests, tea gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, and various other places.

This destination serves as an escape to heavenly paradise that will leave every visitor spellbound. However, if you plan to visit during the winter season, be sure to pre-book your cottage rooms in advance as these may not be readily available due to high demand.

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