Buriakhop Village in West Sikkim – Travel Guide

Nestled within the embrace of West Sikkim lies the enchanting village of Buriakhop, perched at a breathtaking altitude of 5530 feet above the sea. This hidden gem is a symphony of lush greenery and majestic hills that cast a spell on the hearts of all who venture here. A mere 65 kilometers south of Geyzing, the district headquarters, Buriakhop offers a serene escape from the chaos of urban life.

What to See in Buriakhop

Buriakhop isn’t your typical tourist hotspot with a checklist of attractions. Rather, it is a sanctuary of natural splendor, a place to rejuvenate your spirit. As you amble through the village, the melodious trills of diverse avian residents serenade you amidst the verdant forests.

Engage in a leisurely village stroll, where you’ll encounter warm-hearted locals whose beaming smiles speak of a life in harmony with their surroundings. And if relaxation is your aim, surrender to the mesmerizing spectacle of ethereal clouds drifting by. Moreover, you can embark on journeys to nearby havens like Pelling, Rinchenpong, Kaluk, Sinshore Bridge, and Hillary Park for added exploration.

Morning Magic

Within the village’s embrace, a morning ritual promises unparalleled enchantment. Gaze from your homestay’s cozy confines at dawn’s first light as it gracefully unveils itself over the encircling hills. With a cup of tea in hand, you’ll witness a sunrise that etches itself into memory, casting a golden hue on everything it touches.

Journeying to Buriakhop

Accessing this haven is a delight in itself, presenting various routes:

By Air: The closest airport is Bagdogra in Siliguri, West Bengal, a mere 120 kilometers away from Buriakhop. A four-hour drive is all it takes to traverse this scenic distance.

By Road: Private taxis await in Siliguri to whisk you away to Buriakhop. Via the Melli-Nayabazar route, the journey is a four-hour scenic drive. Alternatively, the Hill Cart Road route through Matigara, Pulbazar, Jorethang offers a five-hour adventure.

By Train: The NJP railway station, approximately 125 kilometers from Buriakhop, serves as the nearest railhead. Seamless connections ensure your journey to this captivating village.

Best Time To Visit Buriakhop

Buriakhop extends a warm invitation year-round, thanks to its pleasant climate. Yet, for those seeking the peak experience, March, April, and May are full of natural beauty, with rhododendrons in full bloom. The temperature remains cool, never venturing into extremes, while the skies remain an unmarred canvas. Thus, the vistas of the mountains stand out in all their glory, offering a spectacle that forever remains etched in your heart.

In the embrace of Buriakhop’s tranquil embrace, one discovers not just a destination, but a sanctuary of the soul. Whether you seek serenity, exploration, or simply a brush with the untouched, this village beckons with arms wide open, ready to weave an unforgettable tale into your journey.

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