Bunkulung or Bungkulung near Mirik – Detailed Travel Guide

Bunkulung is a beautiful place to visit, located about 14 km from the main town of Siliguri and 18 km from Mirik. It’s a hidden gem near Mirik and Darjeeling. Bunkulung offers a peaceful getaway with its lush subalpine forests, orange orchards, expansive tea gardens, and the sparkling Balason River. It’s the perfect holiday spot surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Bungkulung Attractions

Bunkulung is a peaceful place surrounded by stunning mountain views, and there’s a lot to explore in and around it. The hilly landscape is adorned with neatly manicured tea gardens, numerous paddy fields spread across the village, and houses with well-kept gardens in the front. At night, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Kurseong City from Bunkulung’s elevated terrain. Additionally, there are interesting spots like the tea factory and tea gardens in Murmah and Gayabari, the beautiful Bokar Buddhist Monastery in Mirik, and the orange orchards of Rangbhang to discover in this serene destination.

Bungkulung Homestay and Resort Details

In this offbeat destination, there are various accommodation options available. Bunkulung provides resorts and homestays, allowing visitors to spend nights surrounded by lush greenery. Additionally, these accommodations offer all kinds of modern amenities for a comfortable stay. As of now, Bunkulung Eco Retreat and Bunkulung Homestay are the two accommodation options available in the village.

Things to Do in Bungkulung

Gyaman or Gammon Bridge, Bunkulung

In Bunkulung, there are plenty of things to do for a delightful experience. You can trek through the lush forest to discover scenic attractions, explore the tea factory and tea gardens of Murmah and Gayabari, and take a short trip to Mirik, just 18 km away, to visit the iconic Bokar Monastery.

Take a leisurely stroll around the village, paddy fields, and tea gardens to soak in their peaceful atmosphere. Witness the beauty of a magnificent sunrise while sipping on a cup of tea, spend your evenings at leisure with the soothing sound of crickets, and enjoy angling in nearby rivers like Balason and MurmahKhola.

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Transporation Options to Reach Bunkulung

Bunkulung is 48 km from Siliguri town, and you can hire a vehicle from New Jalpaiguri to reach there. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Bunkulung from Siliguri via the Siliguri-Mirik road. To get to Bunkulung, the closest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP), and the nearest airport is Bagdogra. You can catch the Darjeeling Mail or Padatik Express from Sealdah to reach NJP, and there are other trains from Sealdah and Howrah as well.

Ideal Time to Visit the Village

Bunkulung is open for visits throughout the year, with the winter months being the most recommended. The monsoon season has its own appeal as the surroundings become lusher, but it’s important to note that road conditions during this time can be quite challenging.

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