Siliguri Gate Detailed Information

The Siliguri Gate is a splendid yet confusing piece of architecture constructed beside the National Highway of Siliguri, serving as an entry point to the city and its tourist destinations. It overlooks the outskirts of Siliguri and is a newly constructed architectural marvel that you should explore.

Things to Know about Siliguri Gate

The Siliguri Gate is situated in the vast region of plains and has a unique structure made of various metals and fiberglass, which is enhanced by the surrounding greenery.

The gate consists of three structures, with the central one being the largest and the other two being smaller. All three structures have a similar design, with concrete pillars and thick iron rods. At the top of these iron frames, there is a prism-shaped architecture made of fiberglass.

Siliguri Gate Attractions

The Siliguri Gate is a unique architectural marvel that attracts everyone’s attention with its breathtaking charisma and look.

The prism-shaped fiberglass on top of the structures reflects light and shines like a pearl in the daytime. The mesmerizing view of the light reflection is capable of leaving anyone awestruck.

Furthermore, the aura it creates during the night is worth mentioning too. When the light from moving cars falls on the fiberglass, it reflects light in various colors that will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized.

Getting There

The fascinating architectural masterpiece of Siliguri Gate can be easily reached from anywhere in West Bengal.

You can take a taxi or auto from Siliguri, NJP, or Bagdogra to reach it. As it is located near the National Highway (NH10), you can reach it directly from Kolkata or any other location.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Just a few kilometers away from the gate, you will come across most of the sightseeing places of Siliguri. Some of the renowned nearby tourist attractions are:


Siliguri Gate, undoubtedly one of the brilliant Engineering feats, is standing tall with its own charm. Come witness the play of colorful lights and create wonderful memories which can be cherished forever.

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