Sevoke Kali Mandir near Siliguri

If you are an avid follower of Maa Kaali, Sevoke Kali Mandir, also known as Sevokeshwari Kali Mandir is a must-visit temple. It is a famous and one of the ancient temples located near Siliguri amidst the lush green trees and just a couple of meters away from the fascinating Coronation Bridge.

Sevoke Kali Mandir has bewitched many travelers with its breathtaking location and a fascinating view of the surroundings as it is sited along the bank of shimmering River Teesta on the cliffside of a hill. Additionally, as a religious site, many pilgrims visit the temple every year to this shrine of Goddess Kali.

How to Reach 

It is incredibly easy to reach Sevoke Kali temple, which is just 25 km away from the main town of Siliguri and usually takes approximately 1 hour to reach. You can hire a taxi from Bagdogra, Siliguri, and NJP or even take a shared taxi or auto to reach Sevokeshwari Kali Mandir.

Furthermore, the nearest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri Junction, and the nearest airport is Bagdogra to this temple. You can cover the distance from NJP to Sevoke Kali Mandir which is 27 km or from Bagdogra which is about 33km.

sevoke kali temple

Things to See in Sevoke Kali Mandir 

Sevokeshwari Kali Mandir, a sacred shrine completely dedicated to Goddess Kali, has plenty of scenic attractions to offer to the tourists and they are as follows: 

  • The scenic temple painted in red and white. 
  • The breath-taking view of the Mount Kanchenjunga looming over the shimmering Teesta. 
  • Countless staircases leading towards the main temple. 
  • The nearby famous Coronation Bridge. 
  • The wedding rituals of the newly married couple in this temple. 

Sevoke Kali Mandir Timing 

You can visit the temple at any time of the year. However, during the month of Navratri and Durga Puja, many devotees come here to worship the goddess when the temple gets decorated which increases its beauty. If you don’t want to miss the breathtaking view of the snow-peaked Kanchenjunga, the best time to visit is from August to November.


Siliguri Sevoke Kali mandir offers a jaw-dropping view of the mighty Himalayas and the roaring river Teesta, making it irresistible for travel enthusiasts. So, this holiday, come and have a memorable tour of this temple, learn its history and get closer to the bunch of monkeys who may try to snatch anything from you. Don’t just search for the contact number of the temple or watch a video online, visit in person and experience it for yourself. So when are you coming?

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