Laliguras Picnic Spot

You may have already read our article on Samsing Picnic Spot. If not, please read it first. Laliguras is a fascinating picnic spot in the Samsing Khasmahal.

Samsing is a tiny settlement in the Malbazar sub-division of West Bengal. It is full of pictorial sites and one such site is undoubtedly Laliguras Picnic Spot.

Situated on the riverbank of Murti, this scenic valley offers a breathtaking scene of green vegetation and mountain valleys. As a result, countless visitors get attracted to it to have a picnic every year.

What Makes Laliguras a Perfect Picnic Spot?

There are plenty of reasons which make Lali Guras a perfect picnic spot at Samsing. It sprawls near Suntaley Khola and Rocky Island, the other two prominent picnic spots.

Nestled on the riverbank of Murti, the serene ambiance, and the green panorama of Lali Guras offers the perfect relief to exhausted urban visitors who seek tranquillity amidst nature.

Lali Guras is located en route to the valley. It lures a large number of tourists as it is quite near Rocky Island and Suntaley Khola. Those who visit Laliuras can easily visit these two scenically blessed places.

Laliguras dwells at an elevation of 3000 feet above Chalsa. From the heart of Malbazar town, it is just 8 km away. Laliguras picnic spot in Samsing is enclosed by tea gardens, forests, hills, and valleys, and witnesses foggy weather with high rainfall during the monsoons.

The view of the blue water of the Murti River is a pleasure to watch for tourists having a picnic here. Moreover, The isolated green meadows and lush tea gardens provide a soothing experience for minds.

From the Samsing View Point, you will get an excellent view of the glittering Murti River flowing below through a valley with hills flanking its two banks.


If you desperately need a break from your scheduled lifestyle and want to have a memorable picnic with friends and family, Laliguras Picnic Spot should be your first choice.

Here, you not just have a picnic but also can visit adjacent tourist attractions quite easily. So, make it a plan soon and store the image of Laliguras all through your life.

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